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From "Liao, Avian" <>
Subject question of Regular Expressions
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 21:47:09 GMT

I try to use regular Expression Extractor to catch the following:


and I use the Regular Expression Extractor:
Reference Name: AAA
Regular Expression: AAA = (\w*-\w*-\w*-\w*-\w*)
Match No: 0
Default value: No Result

I found out, if there is only one set of this data in the page, my extractor is working fine,
and I can catch all the value.However, if I have multiple same set of data in one page, the
Regular Expressions Extractor return nothing. When I am said "same set of data", I mean there
are couple of same "3FFBE12D-AA29-B37B-4612-8173B7C2CCE7" in the one page, and for my test,
I do not care which one I catch (since they are identical), and I just need that value to
go on. Besides Regular Expressions Extractor,can we use another sampler or function to catch
the value. 

I saw the value I need in response data(when I use View Response Tree), and I just cannot
catch it.

Alao, if someone know how to catch the same set of data in deisred location( e.g. the third
one), I would love to learn.



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