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From Adam Levy <>
Subject Extending CookieManager
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 20:29:39 GMT
I'd like to extend the CookieManager (and related
CookiePanel) to add "cookie domain aliasing" such that
I can have the CookieManager hand back cookies where
the domain matches any of a list of strings as opposed
to just the domain the cookie was originally stored

I think I've got the GUI part down, but I'm having
trouble understanding the right way to store this list
of "cookie domain aliases" in the CookieManager. 
Normally, I would generate a Hashtable from the GUI
element and pass that into the CookieManager
constructor, but that seems contrary to the
setProperty/getProperty methods.  I'd like to do this
the "correct" way, but I'm really not sure how to
proceed.  Could anyone offer some advice?

I'm happy to explain what I'm trying to accomplish in
more detail if that would help.

Thanks in advance!

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