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From Michael Stover <>
Subject Re: Initialization/Run Users/Cleanup
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 00:49:31 GMT
Well, essentially, you have the solution, except that JMeter supports
all that in one single script.  

You can add more than one ThreadGroup to JMeter.  Normally, JMeter will
execute these ThreadGroups in parallel, but the Test Plan element has an
option that lets you tell JMeter to run them serially.

So, your test would have 3 ThreadGroups:
ThreadGroup 1: 1 simulated user, admin goes in and does startup stuff.
ThreadGroup 2: many simulated users do their thing
ThreadGroup 3: 1 simulated user, admin goes in and does finishing stuff.

The difficulty will be in threadgroup 2 where you say you want different
users performing different actions. However, there are many ways to have
different threads perform very different test scripts in JMeter, either
through use of the Access Log Sampler, Throughput Controller, Random
Controller, If controller (you can even write a top level if controller
that sends each thread through a different set of tests, if you like). 
The possibilities are quite literally endless.  And complicated :-)


On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 19:28, Mark Zellers wrote:
> I want to add some initialization/cleanup steps to my test such that it
> can be run repeatedly.
> To do this, I want to be able to have a single user login, perform a
> simple administrative action and log out.  Then I want to run some
> number of users, each performing a different script all running at once
> for a period of time.  When those have completed, I want the
> administrator to log in again and perform another action.
> The only way I have found to do this involves creating three different
> JMeter test plans and executing them sequentially.
> Is there a better way?
> Thanks,
> Mark H. Zellers
Michael Stover <>
Apache Software Foundation

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