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Subject JMeter and HttpUnit
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 01:18:31 GMT

  I used to work with HttpUnit on my application and it works very well to test
my  projects.
  Now I need to load test a web application, so I am looking at JMeter.
  The bigger problem is it do not support processing of dynamic (JavaScript)
pages. My application use this a lot, so it is impossible use JMeter now.
  But I know HttpUnit works very well with my javascripts.

  So I think I can use HttpUnit inside JMeter to make it work.
  I was reading the JMeter manuals and I should create a HttpUnitSampler.

  This is correct ? Anyone has a advice of how I should create this sampler (and
if what I need is a sampler at all) ? 


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