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From Jens Peter Christensen <>
Subject Beginner's questions
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 11:00:33 GMT


I'm new to JMeter, and have a goal to create a test suite for an
application we create here. I have some questions reg. JMeter:

I use the HTTP proxy Server to record a session against the application.
This session will be rather lengthy, probably hundreds of requests.

1) The recording creates many HTTP Requests for the same GIF files. I
suppose these are conditional gets that checks if the file has changed
since last get, but I'm unsure if this is retained in the requests. Will I
need to delete all redundant HTTP Request samples? If so, is there an easy
way to do this? I want to keep the initial get, since this will be included
in a real-world scenario.

2) The requests all include server name and port number, but I would like
to be able to use the test against different server (with the same
application) to compare performance. I understand that the "HTTP Request
Defaults" config element only applies to samples where the servername and
portnumber entries are empty. How do I remove these entries from all
samples easiest?

3) How would I simulate a realworld user scenario with suitable pauses?
Would this be something like a thread group with some timer to simulate
waittime between ckicks, and then have all requests bundled into a number
of simple controllers, each with the requests that are fired by a
user-click and a timer with value 0?

thanks for any thoughts,
Jens Peter Christensen, IRD, MPL
Intentia A/S

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