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From Chris Shenton <>
Subject Re: Bug? Jmeter only tries one addr in multi-addr DNS round robin cluster
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 15:46:19 GMT
Peter Lin <> writes:

> hmmm, I'm just guessing here. First to make sure i understand.
> 1. you can verify your DNS returns random IP in the cluster
> 2. when a tomcat instance is shut down jmeter hangs. this supports the
> idea that jmeter is using the same IP
> 3. restarting jmeter or tomcat doesn't appear to make JMeter go to
> random server in the cluster
> I take it your test plan points to something like

Exactly correct. I can see how #1 and #2 might be caused by an
implementation that only looks at the first IP in a list, but #3
baffles me.

> I can think of a couple ways to verify if it is the JVM caching the IP
> is causing it.  Write a simple class to get the IP address 100 times
> and see which IP it resolves to. It may very well be that the JVM
> isn't flushing out the old IP and is instead just using the old one.

Good idea, thanks. 

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