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From sebb <>
Subject Re: how to pass in username and password for load testing?
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:40:13 GMT
On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 11:22:58 -0500, Kyle McAbee <> wrote:


> Problem
> You want to randomly contruct strings from a set of strings that vary by a regular pattern.
The constructed string must include a number left-padded with zeros. A typical example would
be bank account numbers.
> Solution
> The advantages of using the __javaScript and __Random functions to construct strings
rather than using the _StringFromFile function to read strings from an input file are:
> ·       You do not need to create an input file of strings.
> ·       Each constructed string can be, in effect, a randomly selected string from a
desired set of strings. Strings read from an input file by _StringFromFile are always selected
by their order in the file.

This is a useful solution, and well put.

However, for cases where the random numbers must be unique throughout
a long test, or indeed across tests, one cannot use the random
function directly.

In our case, we needed 2 million or more different random numbers, and
we wanted to be able to ensure uniqueness across test runs (the
numbers are PINs that can only be used once).

This was achieved by creating files of random numbers in advance, and
the StringFromFile function can then be passed a different file (or
set of files) for each separate test.


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