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From Szabo Viktor <>
Subject Re: Using Mailer Visualizer with multiple pages inspected
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:22:34 GMT
Peter Lin wrote:

>to summarize the problem you're trying to solve.
>1. you're using jmeter to perform functional testing
>2. you're using assertions to test the response
>3. you want to get an email for every request which produces invalid response
Yes, something like that. The 3rd point is a bit different:
I'd like to get an email every time when the status of a single 
assertion changes between two executions.

>The problem you see is the mailer is sending emails for every response?
No, I don't get mails all the time. As long as all assertions are ok, I 
don't get any mail.
But when something goes wrong, I keep being flooded as long as the page 
doesn't become
available again.

>I'm going to guess the mailer probably isn't capable of fine grain
>control, unless you add a mailer to each request.  Most people don't
>use the mailer, so it's not very flexible or feature rich.  does that
>answer your question?
Well, it seems to me I'm an idiot. I had already tried adding MV to all 
request before asking,
but it hadn't worked. Now I've tried again, but it seems to be ok. I 
don't know what the problem
could've been for the first time, but I'll try to figure it out.

Thanks for your help,

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