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From Ashley Hayes <>
Subject RE: Setting user variables from functions
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 13:37:33 GMT
Thanks Sebb,
	Must of missed that restriction on User Defined Variables,
information overload!

As for the Pre-processor User Parameters, I can't face manually adding the
100s/1000s of the users that my tests should use in execution period. I read
an archived mail where I think someone auto generated an xml file in format
of the User Parameters and then pasted the contents in to the jmeter test
plan file. Is this code available anywhere?
This maybe be an option for me, however jmeter may not perform well with
1000s of "User Parameters" entries, as it seems they are implements as an
array list. 

It would be nice if there User Parameters could be loaded from a separate
file, say in the format of the deprecated "HTTP User Parameter Modifier"! 


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From: sebb [] 
Sent: 24 September 2004 13:58
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Re: Setting user variables from functions

Try the Pre-processor User Parameters:

No need to set up multiple users.


The Config Element User Defined Variables is described at:

"Note that the variable's values have to be static: you can't currently use
other variables in their definition."

A bit confusing, but that's the way it is ...

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 10:36:08 +0100, Ashley Hayes <>
> Hi all,
>         I've created a test plan that has variables defined for my 
> userid, password, etc.. I would like to populate these variables from 
> a CSV  file. I tried to achieve this by putting 
> "${__CSVRead(users.csv,0)}" into the value of the "user defined 
> variable" that is parent to all my sampler elements. This is obviously 
> wrong as the value passed in as the userid is the literal 
> "${__CSVRead(users.csv,0)}", :-(
> Is there a pre-processor that I can use to set the value of these 
> variables for all subsequent sampler executions for that thread? HTTP 
> User Parameter modifier will not work as I can't guarantee that the 
> HTTP parameter taking the userid is named the same in every request.
> Thanks for you time,
> Ashley
> P.s. I'm new to jmeter and have made the effort to read the user guide 
> and search the mail archive.
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