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From "Chuck Henson" <>
Subject timing question
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:18:19 GMT
I'm trying to stress test our web app. I've set a random timer element to
3000ms fixed and 5000ms variable so that my timing between samples should be
between 3 to 8 seconds. The samplers need to be sequential for each thread
as some samplers are dependent upon the actions of previous samplers (some
samplers are adding data and later samplers are removing data). I had
expected that the samplers would be executed sequentially but, if one
sampler takes longer than the variable time between samplers, the next
sampler appears to be executed before the previous one is done.

In the example below (from lister data written to file) Servlet a b and c
must be run in order and b cannot start until a is complete and c cannot
start until b is complete. The timer works fine when the test plan starts
but as it ramps up and the number of threads increases after a while the
server begins to bog down a little (as expected) and as it bogs down, the
more intensive servlets take longer to respond (again as expected) however,
it's causing the servlets to start executing out of order which puts the
data in a state of flux and the test is pretty much meaningless after that.
Note that servlet c is executed approx 6 seconds after servlet b but the
response time for servlet b is just over 24 seconds. If servlet c is trying
to remove data added by servlet b we have a problem. I need servlet c to
wait until servlet b is complete or the timer kicks in which ever is
greater. Obviously I could increase the timer values but then I don't
believe I'd really be stressing the app.

<sampleResult timeStamp="1095280963067" dataType="text" threadName="Thread
Group1-11" label="/servlets/SERVLET-A" time="84" res ponseMessage="Moved
Temporarily" responseCode="302" success="true"/>

<sampleResult timeStamp="1095280994327" dataType="text" threadName="Thread
Group1-11" label="/servlets/SERVLET-B" time="24554
" responseMessage="Moved Temporarily" responseCode="302" success="true"/>

<sampleResult timeStamp="1095281000751" dataType="" threadName="Thread
Group1-11" label="/servlets/SERVLET-C" time="3" res
ponseMessage="Moved Temporarily" responseCode="302" success="true"/>

Is there a way to have the samplers not execute until the previous sampler
is done? Can this be accomplished with assertions?

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