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From Tajinder Mudan <>
Subject RE: Antwort: Help on Reg exp please'Viren geprueft!'
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 16:07:48 GMT
I have Jmeter 1.8.1.

I want to record a test which creats a booking and views it in the same test
(its part of how the application works)
I then want to run this every day to check the performance but it must be
creating new booking and not referencing the same one.
What values do I enter for

Regular expression used to search results from previous request

Template for the replacement string, using groups from the regular
expression.  Format is $[group]$.  Example $1$.

Which match to use.  An integer 1 or greater, RAND to indicate JMeter should
randomly choose, A float, or ALL indi

Between text.  If ALL is selected, the between text will be used to generate
the results

Default text.  Used instead of the template if the regular expression finds
no matches

Name of function.  Used to store values for use elsewhere in the testplan.

Once I have these entered in the Function helper where do I enter it in the
actual test.

Thank you for you help
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Subject: Antwort: Help on Reg exp please'Viren geprueft!'

Hello rita,

I can't help you on the JMeter 2.0.1 Problem.
Try this in your Script for the bookingID

            -Request that shows the ID
                -RegEx with following Parameters
                Reference Name=bookingID
                Regular Expression=bookingID=(\S+)
                Default Value=anything you want
       -Request that uses the grabbed ID (this is how it's used:

Notice that the expression is wildly guessed so you have to work out one
that works for you.
Look at this Thread for more Information on RegEX

I put here a Screenshot how it could look like (hope this gets through)
(Embedded image moved to file: pic19187.jpg)

Hope it helps a bit!


|         |           "rita danger"    |
|         |           <rita_danger8@hot|
|         | >        |
|         |                            |
|         |           19.07.2004 16:32 |
|         |           Bitte antworten  |
|         |           an "JMeter Users |
|         |           List"            |
|         |                            |
  |       An:
  |       Kopie:
  |       Thema:    Help on Reg exp please'Viren geprueft!'

How do you use Reg exp ?
I want to run jmeter to create a booking but when its created its given an
bookingID and views that booking via the ID.

I have installed 2.0.1 jmeter but it does not run, so if I use 1.8.1 what
I need to enter to get a booking ref ?


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