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From "Krishna, Raj" <>
Subject RE: Problem with If Controller ?
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 04:41:42 GMT
Hi Sathya,

I got over the problem by changing my thread number using which I could
chage the count, not exactly what I wanted to do but served my pupose.

May be u could try that.


-----Original Message-----
From: Krishna Satya [] 
Sent: Friday, 23 July 2004 6:43 AM
Subject: Problem with If Controller ?

I have a HTTP request/response from which I would like to parse a URL. I

would like to invoke the URL if one is present.  This whole scenario is 
wrapped in a Loop controller.

The plan looks like
-- Thread Group
    -- Loop Controller
       -- HTTP Request1
          --- RegEx Extractor to a reference variable myUrl default
value is 
: false.
       -- If Controller  javascript func looks like 
${__javaScript('${myUrl}' == 'false' ? "false" : "true",)}
          --- HTTP Request2

The If Controller seems to work fine the first time with the value of
getting set.  The second pass around through the loop the reference
myUrl is 
getting set properly but somehow the If Controller seems to be using the

value of ${myUrl} from the first pass through.

This could be a problem with my understanding of how variable scoping
I have spend considerable time trying to figure this.   Any ideas to
this will be much appreciated.


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