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From James Hughes <>
Subject Module Controller
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 10:30:14 GMT
Hi.  I have a very large test script and was hoping to use the Module
Controller to factor out the common parts of the script (and parameterise
for each time they are used).  I will want to run this script from the
command line.

The current documentation for Module Controller states that:

"The Module Controller should not be used with remote testing or non-gui
testing in conjunction with Workbench components since the Workbench test
elements are not part of test plan .jmx files. Any such test will fail."

The documentation for Workbench says:

"When you save your test plan, WorkBench items are not saved with it. Your
WorkBench can be saved independently, if you like (right-click on WorkBench
and choose Save)."

Does this mean that the Module Controller is only of any use when using the
GUI?  If so, are there any plans to tackle this to allow Module Controller
to be used when running from the command line?


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