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From nlunebur <>
Subject Re: Scheduler Duration Independable?
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 23:06:19 GMT
i cannot recall exactly how we used the scheduler but i know that it 
worked perfectly fine using official 2.0.1 version.
have you tried to set up your scheduler something like this?:

start time:  2004/07/29 10:00:00
end time:   2004/07/29 11:00:00

and dont place any values in the duration.
yeah there's something unclear with the scheduler but try this. goodluck!


Mallasee, Curt wrote:

>Has anyone else experienced the duration element in the scheduler being very inaccurate?
 Example, I have a plan with one threadgroup that started at a specific time and with a duration
of 3600 seconds (one hour).  The test ended normally, but only 28 actual minutes elapsed.
The scheduler appears to start accurately based on my system's clock.  But the duration element
appears not use the system clock and it seems to be using its own inaccurate mechanism. I
have official version 2.0.1
>Here was my plan setup:
>Threadgroup: Threads= 1, loopcount=1, rampup=1, Scheduler start time 2004/07/29 10:00:00
duration: 3600
>-once only controller
>  -sample1
>-loop controller: infinite
>  -uniform random timer: 5000ms constant, 10000ms random
>  -sample2
>  -sample3
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