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From Mark McCall <>
Subject No Response Data in View Results Tree for a POST
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 18:50:08 GMT
On JMeter 2.0.1 running under Win2k, I have a Test Plan with the 
following characteristics:

1) One Thread Group: 1 Thread; 1 Loop Count; Continue After Error
2) HTTP Request Sampler #1 : performs a GET
2a) HTTP Request Sampler #1 has a Regular Expression Extractor which 
gets a field from the Form and sets its value into the variable "resultId"
3) HTTP Request Sampler #2 : performs a POST using the ${resultId} 
variable as one of the parameters that is posted.
4) HTTP Cookie Manager exists
5) Simple Data Writer Listener
6) View Results Tree Listener

When I execute the test plan and view the Results Tree, I see both the 
GET and the POST have a successful response code of 200.  However only 
the GET displays anything in the Response data tab.  The POST request 
has absolutely no data in it.

I see nothing in the jmeter.log file or the console that indicates any 
Errors or Exceptions.

However, if I change the Test Plan to run in "Functional Test Mode", I 
see the full response from the POST request in the data file as 
configured in the Simple Data Writer Listener, but I still do not see 
the Response in the View Results Tree.

Thanks for your help!
Mark McCall
EzGov, Inc.

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