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From Niraj <>
Subject Re: Taking too much of time
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 02:42:31 GMT
Well  I suppose the setup for JMeter load testing is quite good. I am 
using dual processer, 1 GB RAM machine with lots of space.
OS is Windows 2000 server and database used for my web app is  MS-SQL 2000.

Login process is also a quite simple, same user cannot log into the 
system more than one time simultaneously and authentication process is
home made :-)

Peter Lin wrote:

>I suspect your web application is timing out or return some error.
>What kind of database is your web application using? How complex is
>the login process and what kind of authentication is it doing? Have
>you looked at the server logs to see if it logged any errors?
>depending on the database you're using 25 concurrent queries may be a
>piece of cake, or enough to overwhelm it. If you're using something
>like Sql Server 5/6, 25 heavy weight queries may be enough to kill it.
>If you're using something like DB2 or Oracle, 25 is nothing.
>Another thing to consider is what OS are you using for the server? If
>you're using windows professional, it has a connection limit of 10
>concurrent connections inbound. That means you will have to install
>server to overcome that limit. without more information, it's hard to
>tell what is causing the problem you see.
>On Mon, 12 Jul 2004 08:50:41 +0545, Niraj <> wrote:
>>  I am doing concurrent load testing in my web application. My Test
>>plan is 25 users logging at a same time for 100 times (i.e. Thread
>>Number =25 and Loop Count=100). The whole test plan took 8-10 hours to
>>execute. But when I  see the results (I am using aggregate report and
>>result tree listener) , it shows that only
>>25 in the "count" field of "Aggregate Listener" for particular page i.e
>>25/25=1 iteration only in 8 hrs !!! I am wondering is this a normal case
>>or I am missing something???
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