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From Jean-Denis Giguere <>
Subject BeanShell
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 12:51:38 GMT
Hi list,

I would like to use the __BeanShell function but I don't find answers to 
my questions in the jmeter doc. If someone use this function and can 
answer my questions, it will be really appreciated.

1. Which way can we pass the script in argument ? (Ralative path from 
where we launch jmeter, relative path from jmeter bin, absolute path or 
you have to write directly the script as argument ?)

2.Can we pass arguments to the script ?
(ex. ${__BeanShell(myscript.bsh foo 13,answer)}

4. Can we pass the name of the script as a variable ?
(ex. ${__BeanShell(${myScript},answer)}

3. The doc says that this function return the "result" of the script 
passed in argument. How do you define the result of the script ? (Is it 
the last variable assignation, the return of the main function, the last 
print ?)

If someone has an exemple and would accept to share it (with the 
function call and the result), it can help me very much.

Thank you for your attention,

Jean-Denis Giguère

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