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From Andrew Roughan <>
Subject How to parse responses
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 12:29:31 GMT
Hi, Can someone please tell me whether what I want to
do is possible, and if it is, give a suggestion on how
it can be done?

If I have a HTML response similar to

 blah blah dog blah blah id=32 blah blah
 blah blah cat blah blah id=54 blah blah
 blah blah horse blah blah id=15 blah blah

I want to extract the value of id from the form
section where the text includes cat. e.g. 54

Further, if id= does not exist within the form 
section where the text includes cat, then return false
or similar.

I've looked at Regular Expression Extractor (using
<form.*?</form as a start) and the ForEach Controller
and but I haven't yet worked out how this could be
done. If this is possible, I sure would like a pointer
on how to go about it. If it isnt, knowing that would
be good too!


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