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From shambu pujar <>
Subject Re: timer not able to time requests!
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 04:16:34 GMT
Thanks for the it is confirmed that it wait x milliseconds before starting another
request. but i have another problem as i mentioned, it is not waiting for same milliseconds
after 1 1\2 hr of test run time.If raw data is analysed ,i found that the threads r not making
request exactly after 1800000 millisec but around 1800000! As a result there r lot threads
making request at a instant as a result cpu is being clogged.why did it deviate from the behaviour
of waiting 30 mins or exaclty to say 1800000 milisec????
thanking you in advance

Peter Lin <> wrote:
I believe the constant timer uses milliseconds for the delay. the way
it works is once a response is done, it will wait x milliseconds
before starting another request. does that answer your question?


On Mon, 5 Jul 2004 03:04:17 -0700 (PDT), shambu pujar
> hi
> whether Constant timer delay expressed ,in milli sec,is between response time of last
request and the request to be made or is it between the requests???
> we ran 12500 users in 21 m/cs with constant delay timer of 30 mins.if u trace a thread
from single m/c raw data output file, then i found that delay of 30 min is between response
time of the last request made by that thread and the request time of the present request.
This was true in many cases!.but after 1 1\2 hour through the test , the delay was over 30
min by 49 sec or so with many threads in all machines.It was not 30 min constant. At this
moment many request are sent in a sec, creating to raise in cpu utilization of server and
also response time increased.The test lost its stability later onwards.
> i feel timer is not able to time the request exactly ???? for first 1 1'2 hours it went
smoothly??this has been the case for all the 3 tests we had run on different days??? could
any one help me what went wrong in test ????my test script is simple! i m sending three requests.
timer inserted at first request! so after making three requests thread has to wait for 30
min to make the first request again! test is run for 2 1'2 hours.
> regards
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