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From Michael Stover <>
Subject Re: Hanging threads in non-GUI mode
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 18:03:38 GMT
Yes, or at least some other things I'd like to know about the test:
1. Are you using any timers?  250 virtual users with no delays is a hell
of a load
2. What kind of average response times are you getting from these
3. What order of magnitude are the responses?  10's of bytes?  100's?
1000's? 10's of KB?
4. What kind of dynamic elements do you have in the test plan?  Are you
doing a lot of regex parsing of response data?


On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 13:49, BAZLEY, Sebastian wrote:
> It would be useful to be able investigate and fix this; I don't suppose that
> you have a reproducible test case that you can post to Bugzilla?
> We use batch mode almost exclusively, and apart from a concurrent
> modification bug that was found and fixed several months ago, it works fine.
> S.
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> From: Remedy QA []
> Sent: 01 July 2004 17:27
> To: JMeter Users List
> Subject: RE: jmeter memory consumption
> Well, I did try non-gui mode but some threads kept hanging. It didn't happen
> with gui mode though.
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