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From Axel Faltin <>
Subject Re[2]: Fwd: JavaSampler, complex response processing
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 13:17:14 GMT
> you're probably going to have to extend SampleResult, or try to
> wedge it into the existing one. Are you planning on using a local
> interface to call the EJB or do a real remote call?

1. In the case I extend SampleResult (lets say AxelSampleResult), which would be fine with
me. How
do I convince the framework to pull out the data of my specific

2. I do use a local interface in the Sampler. I do the whole JNDI
Lookup and Cast in the Setup and call my EJB, that does work fine so
> if you're goal is to measure how long it takes to get data, you
> probably should be using local interface to get the data. In that
> case, you can just use the built in timer. If you want to view the
> data, you're going to have to either pass the bytes, convert to
> string, or extend SampleResult to take an object for the response
> data.

I am trying to use tha data from the first call and put it as input in
the second. Like this:

1. First Call: "SearchForSomething" --> "SearchResult"
2. Second Call: "DoSomething" use some values from SearchResult

Using that I would like to simulate a whole UserSession. Somebody
logs in, is doing a search and is modifying one Resultset using the
next funktionality, etc.

> a bit more information about the goal of your test would make it
> easier to provide useful suggestions :)

Does that help helping :-)


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