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From "Sebastian Bazley" <>
Subject Re: testing HTTPS
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 22:09:15 GMT
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From: "Felix van Hove" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 8:06 PM
Subject: testing HTTPS

> According to bug 29378 JMeter doesn't reuse HTTPS connections, when
> is enabled. I can confirm this for 2.0.1 and the HTTP Request Sampler.
> behaviour is especially annoying, because the once used connections stay
> established for some time.

The package HTTP functionality is quite basic, which is why we have
started using HTTPClient as well.

> We do need to test HTTPS, so I tried the new HTTP Request HTTPClient
(Alpha). It
> doesn't show this behaviour. I'm using the number of used local ports as a
> measure, something like netstat|grep https|wc -l to watch it. It's
> the number of connections permanently corresponds the number of threads.
> results I got, using a thread group, 10 threads, iterating one minute:
> HTTP Request: between 9 and 10 connections, 1260 requests.
> HTTP Request with keep-alive: growing to 389 connections, 1027 requests.
> HTTP Request HTTPClient (Alpha): between 9 and 10 connections, 1225
> HTTP Request HTTPClient (Alpha) with keep-alive: 10 connections, 1267

That's encouraging.

> What restrictions do I have to expect, when using the HTTP Request
> HTTPClient-Alpha? Did anybody recognize bugs? Or is it allready used a

The HTTPClient code is Apache code - see for details - and is used by
quite a few projects. [JMeter is using version 2.0 at present.]

However the JMeter sampler that uses it is new, and some features have not
yet been implemented (e.g. Post probably does not work) which is why it is
shown as Alpha code.

If you do discover any problems or missing functionality, please let us
Equally, if you have been using it successfully under heavy loads, it would
also be useful to know.


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