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From "BAZLEY, Sebastian" <>
Subject RE: Current date and time
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 10:29:01 GMT
In the UK, we use dd/MM/yy[yy]; AFAIK they use MM/dd/yy[yy] in the US and
So is 01/02/2005 January or February?

To make the date unambiguous, you could use the form

yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss
yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss

Of course, this might not matter for your case.

The XSLT code should presumably still work, as it does not appear to be
interpreting the contents of the field - but I don't know much XSLT...

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Sent: 30 April 2004 06:49
Subject: Re: Current date and time


first of all, my english isn't the best, :-), but i try to answer your

The first thing is, to go into the and add this line: HH:mm:ss

Adding this line takes effect, that jmeter generate a "normal" timestamp
in the result XML file.

Now you must change the jmeter-results-report.xsl. Perhaps you can do this
like my way:

<h1>Date: <xsl:value-of
	<h1>Time: <xsl:value-of
Insert this into the body of the xslt File, so you in the result html file
the time and date inserted.

Best regards,
> Hi,
> I am using the jmeter-results-report.xsl for 2.0 and have tried to find
> a way to insert the date and time when in the generated HTML report.  I
> found some information on doing this using EXSLT but it doesn't seem to
> work with my configuration.  I also wrote a javascript function that
> will generate the date, but it seems that calling new Date() in my
> javascript function causes the date displayed to change everytime the
> HTML report is opened.  I need to include the date and time that the
> report was generated since this would be close to when the test was run.
> Does anyone know of a way either via XSL or JMeter to generate a
> timestamp for the generated HTML report?
> Thanks,
> Jacqui

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