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From Jaime Chang <>
Subject Passing values from users.xml
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 16:46:56 GMT
Hello everybody,

quick question. Is there a way to pass the same parameter value from 
users.xml file to different http request.
I have a test case where a user has to login and then update their 
profile. What JMeter is doing right now is passing a member_login from 
users.xml to the login page but it doesn't pass the same member_login 
value to the updateProfile page. It actually passes a different 
member_login from users.xml

I read from the docs that a different thread will be passed from 
users.xml for each HttpRequest.
Is there a way to passed the same value to different http requests in 
the same thread group?

Thanks in advance

Jaime E. Chang

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