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From peter lin <>
Subject Re: Webservice Sampler (axis)
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 00:49:41 GMT

Hi darren,

I recently updated the simple WSDLHelper class, so
that it can parse Axis WSDL files.  From the examples
I've seen for Axis, it typically doesn't include a

If you send me a sample WSDL, i can take a look.
Eventually I plan to update the webservice sampler to
use a full blown WSDL driver, if it is license
friendly with apache 2.0 license. I believe Axis
currently uses IBM WSDL4J, which is good. I hesitate
because that would be another optional jar users have
to d/l.

you can always enter the SOAPAction manually, if you
know the correct value. I hope that helps. If you can
provide a sample WSDL, please email it to me directly
and I'll take a look tomorrow. Thanks for the
suggestion, it helps to know these issues exist.

peter lin

--- Darren Hartford <> wrote:
> Hey all,
> Just giving some feedback.  Using JMeter for
> webservice stresstesting is great!!  I guess it
> works for .NET testing, but having some issues
> performance testing Axis/Jboss3.2.3 webservices.
> As of the 20040412 nightly build, can now correctly
> load the WSDL, see the Web Methods, but then when I
> go to configure a specific method the 'URL' field
> underneath, and the 'SOAPAction' field just return
> the same site as the WSDL and not the correct
> SOAPAction (and therefore really can't do anything
> beyond that).
> I know this has been targeting .NET to date, but
> would be great for use on Axis-based services as
> well!
> -D
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