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From peter lin <>
Subject RE: Assigning different IPs for different Virtual Users from the same Machine
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 00:03:45 GMT

the other approach that I've seen first hand is
session based load balancing. I've used resonate in
the past with session based load balancing. setting it
up can be a bit tricky, but it does work.

in the case of resonate, the have a heart beat on all
the servers in the cluster. the load balancing
algorithm is hash of several different performance
measurements like network IO, cpu, memory and so on.

Other systems I've worked with used a similar approach
to generate hashes for load balancing.


--- Mark Juliana <> wrote:
> Two issues we've seen with IP based load balancing
> are:
> Super proxy farms (like AOL's) will bounce users
> around to different IP
> addressed proxy servers so to decrease bounces in
> your server farm you'll
> need to expand the IP sticky range from a single IP
> to something like a
> class C address block.
> Increasing the sticky scope to a class C block will
> likely result in one
> server in your farm receiving more than it's share
> of load.
> -mj
> -----Original Message----- 
> fun discussion. I think most hardware load balancers
> use the IP address,
> which is also one of the compliants many people have
> about them.  Atleast if
> you ask Resonate, which makes software load
> balancing. I believe Cisco
> routers can also use session based load balancing,
> which gets around the
> performance issues of lots of traffic coming from a
> specific IP address.
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