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From Michal Kostrzewa <>
Subject Re: Assigning different IPs for different Virtual Users from the same Machine
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 20:53:12 GMT
Dnia śro 7. kwietnia 2004 19:50, peter lin napisał:
> way cool!
> now I just script kiddies don't get the bright idea they can use jmeter for

Heh :) Peter, watch out, there are cases, where a people were syn flooded just 
for calling "(h/cr)ackers" as "script kiddies" :))) (have you read it?, quite interesting I think :))

Also please note, you cannot perform the classic syn flood with just jmeter 
making use of ip aliasing. To do this you have to spoof source IP to 
non-reachable IP. Of course other ways of ddos could be possible :))))) We 
can assume that it's some form of "stress testing" :)))

best regards,
Michal Kostrzewa

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