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From "Tolley Shorn" <>
Subject Problem with 2.0.0 response assertions
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 04:04:07 GMT

In 2.0.0, the response assertion has been changed so that the "response
field to test" field now has more options.

We used to have a high level assertion (at the Thread Group level) that
we called the "Not Error Page assertion" which would test that any
response that came back didn't contain the string "Error page" in the
Text Response field.

Because of our presentation framework, our app issues a *lot* of
client-side redirects, whenever the app responded with a "302 Temporary
redirect", JMeter used to just not apply the "Not Error Page assertion"
and everything was fine.

In 2.0.0, whenever our app responds with a 302 JMeter treats it as an
error because "Response (or URL) was null".
This seems to be related to our "Not Error Page assertion", because if I
disable the assertion, I don't get the error.

I would like the "Not Error Page assertion" to only cause a failure if
the Text Response Field contains the given string, not if the request
response doesn't have a Text Response field.  


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