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From "Tolley Shorn" <>
Subject 2.0 doco update?
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 03:43:46 GMT

I'm trying to run our old 1.9.1 JMeter scripts on this new version, but
having some problems.
The first one is understanding what the new stuff does.

The HTTP sampler doco (I'm talking about section "15. Component
Reference"), doesn't mention the new option (redirect automatically) and
seems to still have a screen shot of the 1.9.1 version of the GUI.

The Thread Group doco has a screenshot of the new 2.0.0 GUI, but no
description of the new options ("action to be taken on sampler error").

Is there an update of the documentation planned?
We can't really use the new features if we don't knwo what they do.


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