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From Mark Lassau <>
Subject Re: wiki page - parameterize tests
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 06:10:29 GMT
Mark Lybarger wrote:

> i'm fairly new to JMeter.
> on the wiki,,  
> under /How do I parameterize my JMeter test cases?, /item 2 says to 
> "Click the Add button to add the following user defined variables to 
> the Test Plan node:". i think that should read:
> "Click the Add button to add a Pre Processor > User Parameter  to the 
> Test Plan node. Click  Add Variable to add the folowing 
> variables/values to the User Parameter list.
> i'm also extremely interested in the section that follows, the dynamic 
> parameters.  unfortunately, being a java junkie, i don't have much 
> experience with perl regular expressions.  is there perhaps a 
> collection of usage of these regular expressions with JMeter?  one 
> thing that i can think of is, say you have a hidden input form element 
> that contains a value that you need to grab:
> <input type="hidden" name="HiddenVarYouCantSee" 
> value="IChangePerRequest" />
> <input type="hidden" name="SecondHidden" value="IChangePerRequest" />
> <input type="hidden" name="ThirdHidden" value="IChangePerRequest" />
> how would i grab the value(s) here? yes, there's other hidden 
> variables on the form that i don't care about.  i only know the name 
> of the ones that i do care about.
> thanks!
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Send this value with your request (and so on...)
${__regexFunction(<input type="hidden" name="HiddenVarYouCantSee" 
value="(.*)" />,$1$,1,,,)}

I'd suggest you read through the whole user manual
before using JMeter.
Glance over the stuff you think you aren't interested in.
Some of the info you want is not necessarily were you would first look.

I found chapter 13 
"Component Reference", the most useful, although at first glance you 
would think it is a reference to look up one at a time later.

to figure out the regex voodoo above.

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