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From Jordi Salvat i Alabart <>
Subject Re: Using proxy to record script with xml POSTed to servlet - help!
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 22:49:11 GMT
The Proxy and HTTP Sampler components are currently capable only of 
handling requests in application/x-www-urlencoded and 
multipart/form-data formats. (And the later still has limitations in 
that it can transfer one single file parameter). Their behaviour in 
handling anything else is undefined.

The SOAP/XML sampler is a sampler by itself. You should create one such 
component INSTEAD of the failing HTTP Sampler.


Mark Courneyea wrote:
> So I got the JMeter proxy to work in order to record test scripts - very nice - but when
it arrives at a POST with xml data, it seems to need to resolve the xml into a name/value
> After searching this mailing list, I seemed to come up with 2 possible solutions as work
> 1) use a header manager to change content-type to text/xml
> Result: the content-type as shown in the recorded test script is already text/xml so
that can't be the problem
> 2) use a SOAP/XML-RPC sampler
> Result: nothing.  I added it as a child to the original http request.  When that didn't
work, I tried putting it at the same level, just after the original http request.  I made
sure the garbled xml was removed from the name\value list in the original.  I made sure the
proper name\value pairs were added to the original.
> My first question is - is this a bug in the script recording from the proxy or something
I am doing?  I am so hoping it is something I am doing.
> My second question is - assuming I am working with a bug, is the work around I am attempting
possible?  If so, can someone point me in the right direction?
> Any and all help is appreciated.
> Mark Courneyea
> Software Specialist
> AutoSkill International
> (613) 235-6740 ext. 269
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