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From Craig Palmer <>
Subject Adding Notes?
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 23:15:50 GMT
I am in the process of prototyping a performance test system solution 
using Jmeter which requires me to translate a previously developed 
jython scripted solution.

What has occurred to me is that Jmeter doesnt seem to support the 
capability to add notes to the test structure? Something that can 
explain to others the reasoning/understanding behind the component and 
sub component structure. For us, the performance test users will be 
different from those who compile them and we'll be providing test 
scenarios specific to each version of our product.

Our test scenarios are quite complex and our scripts have detailed 
notes to explain why the test does what it does at each point. So far, 
my prototype has components that are nested up to 9 levels deep but 
they will get deeper yet. Added notes/details would be useful for 
those new to the script and as a reminder at later dates.

In short, it would be really cool if each screen has a place where 
test notes could be added, or some kind of test pop-up when you hold 
the mouse over an icon in the JTree or similar. This information would 
be saved in the XML .jmx file.


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