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From "BAZLEY, Sebastian" <>
Subject RE: Query Sequences
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:29:52 GMT
Not at present. We had the same problem, and ended up using a Perl script
(sorry cannot make this available) to analyse the output CSV files.

To make it easier to find the start and end of transactions, we use special
prefixes for the sampler titles:

B: Account Update
E: Account Update

BE: Account Details


B = begin transaction
E = end transaction
BE = the transaction begins and ends here

The script collects samples with the same names and same thread and produces
various stats.

Might be possible to use a spreadsheet or database or XSLT to do the

Equally, I guess it would be possible to enhance JMeter to add transaction
start/end markers - perhaps via a transaction controller. But in the short
term, I think you'll need to roll your own ...

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From: Stefan Bindel []
Sent: 15 January 2004 14:43
Subject: Query Sequences


I have looked through the documentation and through this list, 
but haven't
found an answer.

Is it possible to create a sequence of HTTP Samplers so that 
not the time of
each request but the time the whole sequence takes is recorded.

IOW: I'd like to get the time, how long it takes my user from 
the start of
the application until he has found, what he is looking for, including
authentication and browsing. The sequence would be in this case 
Authentication ->
Browse Categories -> Search in Categorie -> Get Details of 
first Item. Something
like this. And I would like to measure the time from Auth to 
Get Details.

Is there a way to do this?


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