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From Jordi Salvat i Alabart <>
Subject Re: JMeter :: TCP Programs :: Testing ['Watchdog': checked]
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 13:58:48 GMT
I don't know the abilities of the new TCP Sampler, but unless that fits 
your proprietary protocol (which, from your description, is unlikely), 
you need to either:
- Create a new sampler for your proprietary protocol
- Use the Java Sampler to run your client code, which will send the 
events to the server.

Hope this helps.



En/na ha escrit:
> Dear All,
> I have a web system, running on Apache + JServ and Applets at the bottom
> frame.
> The  web (upper frame in html) communicates with Apache server on standard
> http port.
> The Applets (Lower frame in html) communicates to my TCP server programs on
> a different port.
> The Applets, sends a series of java requests(events) to the TCP server
> program (java socket program)
> which handles the event and processes it and broadcasts the results.
> For example,
> Consider a chat system, where the client is an Applet, which sends series
> of Chat events to a Chat Server(say TCP socket prg.)
> and the Chat server handles those events and broadcasts it to all connected
> users.
> I am in a position to test the Load of this programs, By simulating say
> 1000 users sending/receiving events to and from the server.
> Will this kind of Simulation test possible using JMeter ?
> Or
> Do I need to write my own programs for testing this kind of System ?
> Or
> Can I extend JMeter's functionality to generate such TCP requests (Sending
> series of Java Objects) ?
> Your inputs please.
> Cheers,
> -Kannan.
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