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From Jordi Salvat i Alabart <>
Subject Re: User parameter as a loop counter works in the first iteration but not again
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 00:30:13 GMT
A mistake we all make when starting on JMeter is to view the test plan 
as a script -- it's not. The behaviour you describe is not very surprising.

Still, it could be interesting to have your specific case work: if 
you've needed this, other people may need it too. Could you please file 
a bug report?



En/na Michael R. Wolfe ha escrit:
> I have:
> . Loop Controller
>   . Simple controller
>     . User Parameter
> 	Name: NumItems User1: CSVRead(..)
>       And some other params, including one doing CSVRead(..,next())
>     . Loop Controller
> 	Loop Count: ${NumItems}
> So that for each pass through my outer loop I want the number of
> iterations of the inner loop to be parameterized by the contents of the
> CSV file.
> The behavior in 1.9.1 is that the first time through the loop it works
> fine (I tried it with a non-1 value) but every subsequent pass through
> uses the NumItems retrieved the first time instead of using the next one
> in the file (all the other params retrieved from that file get applied
> fine).
> Questions:
> . Is it possible to use a User Parameter as a loop counter?
> . If not, how come it does work the first time, but not the second or
> beyond?
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