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From Mike Lindsey <>
Subject Re: Using Regular Expression Extractor
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 17:47:21 GMT
I don't use the regexp extractor like that, so I can't tell you what's 
up off the top of my head.  Though you can get what you want, in another 
way, pretty easily.

Clone your extractor.  Have a test1, with a $1$ template, and a test2 
with a $2$ template.

You -might- try setting your template in a single one to:  $1$ $2$, and 
see what happens.

Bob Jacoby wrote:
> Ref Name: test
> Reg Ex: (Java).*?(Platform)
> Template: $1$
> Match No: 1
> Default: hello
> I expected to be able to reference these in my next sampler http request via:
> template = $(test) <expected to be set to "Java">
> firstentry = $(test_g1) <expected to be set to "Java">
> secondentry = $(test_g2) <expected to be set to "Platform">
> However,  the following request is:
> Query Data: template=hello&firstentry=${test_g1}&second=${test_g2}&=
> If I modify the Reg Ex in the extractor to be (Java) rather than (Java).*?(Platform)
I get the following:
> Query Data: template=Java&firstentry=Java&second=${test_g2}&=
> I've tested my regex in another tool to make sure that (Java).*?(Platform) does actually
have a match in the response from the first request. Am I misunderstanding the docs?

Mike Lindsey
"Ya know I vass normal once.  I came to work vith a tie and a suit and 
sometimes panfs."

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