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From "Sebastian Bazley" <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to Terminate JMeter based on results of response assertion?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 01:41:52 GMT
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Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 12:40 AM
Subject: Is it possible to Terminate JMeter based on results of response assertion?

> I am using JMeter to send a request to a web service.
> The web service will respond negatively for many iterations and then could either
> respond positively once and then respond with an alternative negative response, or
> simply respond with an alternate negative response
> What I'd like to do is to terminate sending requests after either the positive or the
alternate negative response has been
> Is this possible? If so, how would it be done?

The following suggestions relate to builds after 1.9.1, so you would need to download one
of the nightly builds.

The Thread Group now has a set of options for action to be taken on Sampler Error.
You could set the action to Stop Thread or Stop Test, and then add the appropriate Assertions
to cause the Sample to fail where
required. This assumes that the web service encodes the positive/negative reponse in the data,
rather than in the HTTP response
code - i.e. the Sample responses must be successful; you can then use the Assertion to set
the sample as failed.

[The plan was to extend the Stop on Error options to allow more fine-grained control, but
this has not yet been implemented.]

However, if you are prepared to code a short Java script, what you ask should be possible
using the latest CVS build - provided that
you get one with BeanShell support compiled in (the build log will tell you if so). You would
also need to download the beanshell
jar from as this is not distributed with JMeter.

The BeanShell Response Assertion allows you access to all the response fields and methods,
including stopThread() and stopTest().

The response fields are accessible as the following variables (Strings):
ResponseData - this is of type byte []

So you could code something like:

if (ResponseCode.equals("123")) {

> The nature of the web service is such that there will be an unknown number of initial
negative iterations.

Such is life!

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