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From "Becky Moore" <>
Subject RE: problem with second log in
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 14:32:38 GMT
I am using version 1.9.1. 
I have a tree listener at key points in the set along with response
assertions to make sure the correct page is there, one sitting under the
inbox page. All pages before the inbox load and return the expected data.
The inbox returns a standard error message instead of the inbox. (This of
course did not happen during my recording of the pages.) Then I have the
"user" log-off immediately after the inbox should have loaded. All goes well
except that page. 
Let me add that the first thread group in this script has a user logging on
performing multiple tasks then logging off. All assertions return successful
from that thread. 
Probably doesn't matter but the system is a Webtop/Documentum Customization.
I appreciate any suggestions. I will try the other items Sebastian suggested
but I wanted to try and make the problem clearer. If I did not succeed in
doing that let me know.
Thank you,

-----Original Message-----
From: BAZLEY, Sebastian [] 
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 8:58 AM
To: 'JMeter Users List'
Subject: RE: problem with second log in

There's not enough information to suggest a cause, but here are some
suggestions as to how you can find out what is going on:

Use the tree listener to check what is being sent and received.

Turn on web-server logging.

Switch on debug for the HTTP protocol (-Ljmeter.protocol.http=DEBUG)

What version of JMeter are you using?

Post a link your JMX file.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Becky Moore []
> Sent: 12 December 2003 13:48
> To: 'JMeter Users List'
> Subject: problem with second log in
> I have added a cookie manager that allows me to log-in the 
> first time. I was
> able to log in with multiple ids using a User Parameter 
> Modifier. But the
> test seems to log in randomly giving me a different result 
> set each time.
> Right now I need to log in send something to 2 users and then 
> log in as the
> first user check the message was received and then as the 
> second and check.
> I've grouped this into 3 separate thread groups so I can more 
> easily check
> my results. The problem is the results that I receive back 
> from the test of
> the users inbox shows me they logged in but gives me an error 
> message(as the
> page) that appears to be a navigation error. The cookie 
> manager is at the
> controller level. I am using a Simple Controller over all the 
> thread groups.
> I attempted using cookie managers on each thread group but 
> that caused the
> users to not log in at all. Please let me know of any suggestions. 
> Becky

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