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From "BAZLEY, Sebastian" <>
Subject RE: Test Management?
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 13:19:00 GMT
It's not possible to set Checkboxes to a variable using the GUI.

But it might be worth editting a simple JMX script to see what happens if
you replace 
"false" with 
"${FOLLOW}" or "${__P{follow.redirect,false)}" 
for example

This might work - try it and see! - but the edit might not be preserved if
the script is loaded and resaved from JMeter.

If this does not work, a workround would be to use a batch editor (sed,
Perl, awk, or whatever) to update the script just before using it.

Or you could hard-code both options in the script and use two If controllers
to switch between them. This would allow the choice to be made at run-time,
but would be awkward when there are lots of possible combinations...


By the way, Keep-alive does not work properly at present, and cannot be made
to do so until the underlying http connection code is changed from the

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Subject: Re: Test Management?

> If you want to change lots of parameters at the same time, then use
> variables and/or functions.

So I guess I wasn't clear on this point but I am doing a lot of HTTP sample

I've tried using variable and it's working out great. I also tried toying
more with copy and paste and for some reasons after I rebooted my machine it
started working!!!

Now, I have one last question. Is there a way to define and apply variables
that can change checkbox based parameters such as Follow Redirects and Use
KeepAlive seen in HTTTP sampler?

Thanks for the help.


Ryo Sode
SQA Lead Engineer
Internet Division
FileMaker Inc.
TEL 408.987.7500
AIM ScreenName: ryosode

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