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Subject Re: high-load remote testing
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:58:19 GMT


I have done some testing with a setup of 5 load generator PCs with meagre
300-400Mhz processors. With very simple tests, running less threads with
shorter think-times, command-line mode and running each JMeter
independently the limit seems to be around 500 hits/second.

- - -
Janne Mattila


Our company will stress-test a commercial web application, and we are
targeting a rate of 1700 hits/second on the application server. We are
currently estimating whether we can use JMeter to achieve our goal. So far,
I have tried JMeter remote testing using 2 remote JMeter servers, and one
controller. I haven't encountered major problems with this setup. However,
it would help me to know if anybody successfully used JMeter for achieving
a throughput comparable to the one we have in mind.

It would be particularly helpful to me to get some insights regarding the
following issues:

- I read that the controller can become a bottleneck in remote testing.
Several suggestions were made to solve this problem. The ultimate solution
would be giving up remote testing altogether. Instead, each test would be
launched by hand from each machine, the times should be coordinated, the
results gathered in CSV files, and then merged to get the overall results.
I believe I might need at least 5 JMeter servers to get my workload,
possibly even 10. I would rather use the remote setup. I wonder if anybody
managed to run JMeter in the remote setup, with so many machines, and with
my targeted workload.

- It would be helpful if I could get any recommendations regarding the
hardware I should use for the testing, i.e. the minimum indicated CPU speed
and memory capacity for the machines. We could get 5-10 decent machines
that we could dedicate to testing. I wonder if the JMeter resource
consumption for large-scale tests could become so critical, that JMeter
simply cannot be used. I would not expect the CPU consumption to be higher
than for test tools written in C, but the memory consumption should clearly
be higher. Any information about particular setups you used would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


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