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From "Gann, Leopold" <>
Subject How to setup sizelimit on LDAP requests
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 06:40:57 GMT

I'm using Jmeter for benchmarking LDAP requests and it seems that the 
sizelimit regarding LDAP searches defaults to 1 (sizelimit=1), isn't it ?

If yes, how to change it (or is that hard-coded). To be honest, I'm still
a novice in using Jmeter. And I guess, there is some way to alter those
limits ...

This is, because in some LDAPaudit I'm always getting a log-message, 
like that:

  Operation      :SEARCH
  Version         :3
  MessageID      :2
  Base Obj       :dc=pqr,dc=de
  Scope          :subtree
  Filter         :(&(objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames)(cn=INI(jasy01)))
  Size Limit     :1		<<< ??? >>> 
  Time Limit     :0
  Deref Alias    :always
  Types Only     :no
  Req Attr #     :all
  Found Entries  :1		... there should be 10 entries returned
  Found Attrs    :5
  Bytes Received :91
  Bytes Returned :3829
  Cached Result  :yes
  Abandoned      :no
  Result Code    :0 (success)
Thanks for your help,
Leopold Gann, Siemens AG, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81730 Munich, Germany
Siemens-Fax:	+49-89-636-45860
Siemens-Office: 	+49-89-636-46143	(Monday and Wednesday)
Home-Office:	+43-7742-58115  

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