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From Nick Faiz <>
Subject stress test techniques
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 03:12:18 GMT
Hi all,
	I've been using JMeter for a project and we're about to go into our
final stress test.
	I have two questions:

1.	I have one test case, sitting beneath a simple controller, that
places particularly heavy load on the server. Is there a way to create a
more complex execution condition beyond simply using the `Once Only
Controller'? I'd like to, for example, execute this test three times per
hour within the same .jmx script.

2. 	One of our goals here is to conduct a 24 hour test; which puts me in
the position of calculating a large number of threads over this time period.
I've used the Gaussian Random Timer as a sanity check between requests, to
ensure there's no DOS, but is there a better way of planning a sustained
test over a large amount of time?


Nick Faiz
B2B e-Commerce Developer
Corporate Express Australia Ltd.

Phone: +61-2-9335-0495, Fax: 9335-0753, Email:


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