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From "Campos Rui Oliveira" <>
Subject Parsing of parameters which name starts with digit
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 10:06:58 GMT
Good morning, everyone!

Related to the problem that i sent an mail about "Regular expressions on parameter names"
i tried another solution and now i'm facing with another problem.

I still have an "HTML Link Parser" that should pass over all the parameters defined in a form
of the previous sampler and modify only a few of them. So, for each parameter i'll have to
pass over i defined in the parameters of the request something like "parameterName=.*".

My problem now is that when i have one parameter which name starts by a digit (for example
"1qty" that defines the quantity for the line 1 of an order), all the orders parameters are
not matched and are passed to the request with the value ".*". If i remove the parameters
starting by a digit everything works fine.

Is this a limitation in JMETER "Html Link Parser" ?

Rui Campos

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