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From "Sebb" <>
Subject Suggestion for a change to JDateField date format
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2003 18:26:15 GMT
JDateField is used on the ThreadGroup page if the Scheduler box is checked.

At present, the date is displayed as MM/DD/YYYY, which is OK for some Locales, but a bit confusing
for the UK, as we write dates
using the format DD/MM/YYYY. [Is 1/4/2003 Jan 4th or 1st April?]

As far as I know, there aren't any Locales which use YYYY/DD/MM, so YYYY/MM/DD is unambiguous.

I would like to suggest changing the display format to:


I suppose it would be nice to support arbitrary Locales, but that would make it quite tricky
to determine which field the cursor is
[The position is needed to implement the spinner effect - up and down arrows can be used to
change the values.]

Note that the start and end times are held as pure numbers in the JMX files, so this would
not affect existing scripts.

It might also be useful to support "rolling" the numbers, i.e. only increasing or decreasing
the current field, ignoring any carry.
This could be done by utilising a modifier key - e.g. if Shift was pressed, then roll the
number, otherwise behave as before.

Any objections? Further suggestions?


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