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From "Lars-Erik Helander" <>
Subject RE: Running multiple GUI sessions
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 07:20:05 GMT
In my search for a specific functionality I came across this discussion held
a while ago.
In my case the proposed solution is not ideal, and that is why I would like
to comment on
it (and propose a possible path forward).

In my scenario I have several machines that act as load-generators. Some of
these machines
are equipped with special hardware in order to be able to create special
type of stimuli
to my test objects. One example of "special" hardware are GSM modems used to
load my test object
via a GSM network. The total setup is quite complex with different kinds of
machines and different
kinds of protocols , including creation of background load to my databases

So now we have a real world situation where it is not possible to run the
identical test plan
on all machines involved. A natural way to go would then be to follow the
principle of multiple
controlling GUIs, but then I think you loose one of the major benefits of
JMeter, namely the
possibility to control, and save the result of, a particular test run
from/in a single entity,
that you later can study. Further the possibility to do regression tests by
reapplying the same
test pattern is of tremendous value. It will be hard to trust that you
reapply your test patterns
identically, if this is not supported by the tool you use, and as said
before JMeter does a great
job doing this, under "normal" circumstances.

I have made a small "hack" that allowed me to specify for each ThreadGroup
the hostnames of the
machines that that particular ThreadGroup should be started on, and that
simple piece of
functionality solves the problem for me. I am happy do dicsuss this or other
ways to solve
my problem. And if a way is found that needs modifications to JMeter I would
hope that it
could become an integral part of a future JMeter release.


Lasse Helander

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