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From Jean-Sebastien Morisset <>
Subject Re: ab vs jmeter
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 12:41:09 GMT
On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 08:18:53AM -0700, Frank Rizzo wrote:
> you should be able to run at least 20 threads on a pentium class machine. also, if you
click on the test plan node in the tree, make sure functional test mode is unchecked.  
> So the answer is that jmeter, under normal circumstances, should be able to perform better
than what you've reported.  But without more information, I cannot speculate why you are seeing
such poor performance.

Thanks for your reply Frank. With 2-3 threads on my smallest machine,
jmeter-server maxed out the CPU, while ApacheBench could run with 1000
concurrent requests. Admitedly, this was a very small machine and is not
representative of the hardware I'll be using to run the actual tests. It
_did_ give me a good comparison between AB and JMeter.

At first it appeared as though the stress test would be simple GETs, but
I just learned that for each "session" (1 get of this page, 5 gets of
that one, and 10 of another) I must supply a unique 32 bit alpha-numeric
parameter in each request. ApacheBench cannot do this, so I'll have to
use JMeter. I've found a couple of decent size servers I can use, so it
shouldn't be too bad. My problem will be generating that 32 bit string.
The "Counter" pre-processor certainly won't be enough. Do you have any
suggestions? :)

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