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From Ryszard Lach <>
Subject JDBC sampler - connection pool
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 19:00:39 GMT

I'm trying to test my postgresql database using jmeter. I have created a
thread group with a couple of (ca. 100) jdbc samplers (under one random
controller). Everything works fine, but I cannot understand what is the
meaning of "Number of Connections in Pool" and "Max Usage For Each
Connection" in "JDBC Database Connection Pool defaults" and in "JDBC

Normally (i.e. with http samplers) one can leave a field blank knowing
it will be filled with value defined in default config element, but with
JDBC Sampler it doesn't work. Why?

The other thing: I suppose, that setting number of connections to 5 and
max usage to a large value  - I will have 5 concurrent connections
between jmeter and database still open and used by testing threads.
Unfortunately, I see one active connection. Thus increasing number of
threads from 5 to 10 - I can not observe bigger load on database server.
Could the random controller be the cause of such a behaviour? All in
all, each single test contains only one (random) request. 


"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they
fight you. Then you win." - Mohandas Gandhi.

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