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From "Neil B. Cohen" <>
Subject Newbie question
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 17:17:19 GMT

I'm trying to work with JMeter for the first time. A couple of simple

Background - I am trying to test a web application built with Struts and
Tomcat 4.x. A user visits a web site ( on port 80. This is
redirected to a secure page. This page asks for a user id and password.

I have set up a JMeter test plan to send a request to the initial page,
followed by a login request and then a request for the logout page.

It all seems to work - however my login Action is never triggered.

I used https as the protocol for all requests after the initial one, and
told jmeter to follow redirects. I added parameters to what I think is
the login request. My web application logs the incoming requests but as
I said, the action routines don't trigger.

Can someone give me a hint as to what needs to be done? I'll be happy to
show you the jmeter code I've written and some log files, but I don't
want to bother everyone with that level of detail...

thanks in advance,

NAME:   Neil B. Cohen (Cisco Systems Inc.)
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