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Subject Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: monitoring with jmeter
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 06:08:39 GMT
yeah, i know there are many tools for monitoring but i need to implement 
one and there is much room for considerations given a variety of tools 
starting with nonsense-whatch-your-homesite-tools by people who do not 
know how to create software at all ending with high-end-apps like HP-OVIS. 
the smaller ones do not suit our needs, the bigger ones (those we had a 
closer look at so far) tend to be calculated in tens of thousands $$$

the big advantage of implementing a solution ourself (using well testet 
foundation) would be full understanding of the process and infinite more 
relevant being able to plug everything we have to the app

do not know big brother so far, so thx for the tipp however

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29.08.2003 01:36
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        Thema:  Re: Antwort: Re: monitoring with jmeter

Not wanting to rain on anyone's parade, but what sort of functionality are
you after?  Have you considered something like big brother
( which already does this sort of thing?

dim on 28/08/2003 11:27:36 PM

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Subject:    Antwort: Re: monitoring with jmeter

seems to be what i am thinking about and as you said you go further...

i need less flexibility but perhaps a bit easier monitoring interface (our
operators should be able to see the status of all applications just
looking over one view [they would do that whenever an email or other
notification launched by the console tells them there is anything they
need to take care about])

if you create a monitoring solution for tomcat i might be able to
customize it (web interface would be perfect for access from everywhere of
course) to suit exactly my needs easyly and just add some alerters

think we should stay in touch - perhaps i can contribute something to what
you need

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peter lin <>

28.08.2003 14:53
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        Thema:  Re: monitoring with jmeter

I'm actually working on a jmeter monitor for Tomcat. So far I've been
focusing on Tomcat, since well I use Tomcat. Mike and I have been
discussing this for a couple weeks now and I'm also talking to remy about
providing support in Tomcat to facilitate this.

my plans so far is this.

1. update the new TC5 status servlet to output XML
2. submit the patch once remy likes it. since I need his help to convince
the other committers to Ok the patch
3. write a JMeter monitor that is configurable

The type of monitor I had in mind is more general. What I want to do is be
able to build tomcat + webapps nightly and deploy it. Then an Ant process
would kick off to load and regression test the changes. The monitor would
ping the server on a set interval to see how it performs. The information
provided by the status servlet in TC5 include threads, vm and so on.  The
design I had in mind was to have a generic parser interface, which the
monitor uses. that way it maintains the same level of flexibility and
extensibility as other Jmeter components.  The regression/stress test plan
would have one monitor that records the results. Time permitting after all
that is done, I want to write a GUI that allows me to view the performance
of the server for the duration of the test.

Does that sound similar to what you were thinking of?

peter wrote:

I thought about monitoring our web farm using JMeter. I would write a
console to view all unsucessfull polls on one spot and extend the
listeners. Of course that console would need to do alerting as well but
thats somewhat out of scope... (and quite easy using java)

Has anyone done such a thing so far?
Is the whole idea nonsense?
Is JMeter stable enough to run infinite?
Does JMeter work in an environment where I need to test about 1000 targets

each minute?

any comments welcome

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