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From Vishal Mehra <>
Subject Re: Bad call to remote host
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 12:26:30 GMT
On the server, after you started the RMI service, did you start jmeter 
with the -s option?


Duncan Frostick wrote:
> Ok, I've opened port 1099 (rmiregistry) on the server and now I don't get the Bad
> call to remote host error, but now the tests simply wont start. After I click remote
> start on the server I want, the green indicator is not turned on and no results are
> returned.
> What could possibly be going wrong, the docs say just use JMeter normally but with
> remote start/stop, but I'm getting no results returned at all.
> I really need this to work remotely as my workstations don't have enough RAM so
> simulate more than about 30 users simultaneously. I need to do at least 250 users,
> and if I can get this server working, it should be fine.
> It's JMeter 1.9.1 server on Solaris.
> Cheers, Duncan Frostick
> Duncan Frostick wrote:
>>I have a JMeter 1.9.1 server on a Solaris box and a 1.9.1 client on a Win98 and
>>a Win2k box. I'm trying to control the server from either the Win98 or Win2k box
>>but everytime I try to run a test plan remotely on either (using Remote
>>Start> I get a 'Bad call to remote host' box pop up twice and
>>nothing happen. I've checked the IP, and the server on the solaris box is
>>running. In the log there is a Connection refused exception being thrown, but I
>>have no idea why because the server is running and the IP is correct.
>>Which ports must I make sure are open to allow the client to connect to the
>>server? Any other ideas, the docs on remote starting and stuff are very brief
>>and I don't have any other ideas.
>>Cheers, Duncan Frostick
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